Does EndurElite sponsor athletes?

We've been getting this question a lot lately, so here is the answer. We have no formal sponsorship application per se but we watch social media very closely to see who is tagging EndurElite in their posts and the type of message they are delivering about the brand. Being a superstar athlete is far down the list of the most important things we consider when deciding who we will sponsor.

Above all these are the qualities we are looking for when making a decision on who to offer a sponsorship to:

✔️ Authenticity. What does that mean? That means we are not interested in sponsoring individuals who push the product just because they get something in return. We only want individuals who TRULY love our products and the brand. Think of it this way...would you still promote the brand even if you didn't get anything in return? If you answered yes, you're the type of person we are looking for.

✔️ Loyalty: Are you the type of person who jumps ship the second a better sponsorship offer comes along? If so, we aren't interested. What kind of message does that send when someone say "EndurElite is the best" and two months later you're saying "Brand X" is the best.

✔️ Passion: Do you love the sport you compete in? Are you a good ambassador for the sport? Do you go out of your way to help others in the sport? If you answered yes to all these questions, you're probably a good fit for EndurElite sponsorship.

✔️ Out Going Personality: Are you a social butterfly? Are you comfortable striking up a conversation with a complete stranger? Do you go to a race and half the participants are on a first name basis with you? Fantastic....we like that!

✔️ And Finally....Are You A Good Person? No explanation needed here.

So there you have it. While we would love to sponsor every athlete, in reality this is not possible based on the above information and financial constraints. But know, we are watching social media closely everyday and if we think you would be a good fit, we will be reaching out to you.

If you'd like to become an EndurElite Ambassador you can contact us here and tell us why you think you would be a good fit.

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