What is the best way to take PerformElite?

PerformElite is best mixed with water or your favorite juice and taken 20-40 minutes before every exercise session. It is not recommended to take PerformElite shortly before going to sleep. Because PerformElite contains efficacious doses of its ingredients, it is recommended that new users first try a half serving to assess tolerance.

Should I use PerformElite every day? Or just on training days?

Some of the ingredients in PerformElite are most effective when they are used daily. Beta-alanine is one of the ingredients that "loads" itself into the muscles, and skipping a day of consuming the beta-alanine in PerformElite will reduce muscle concentrations of beta-alanine.
Conversely, some people build up a tolerance to caffeine over time with regular use. Therefore, once every 1-3 months, you may want to not consume any products that contain caffeine (PerformElite, coffee, soda, etc.) for 3-5 days to "reset" your sensitivity to caffeine.

Why do I feel tingly after taking PerformElite?

This is a harmless effect of beta-alanine known as paresthesia that will subside over time.

Why is my pee and/or poop red? Is it blood?

PerformElite helps you kick ass. You are kicking so much ass, you're kicking your own ass, so all that red is just your weaker self leaving your body.
This is due to the beet root and betalains, and it is an effect known as “beeturia” found in about 14% of humans. It is not blood. Betalains are red pigments found in beets and other foods, and of course the beet root powder contains red pigments. The pigment, specifically betanin, is not stored well in some individuals, and it is therefore excreted in the urine and/or feces. Beeturia itself is harmless, but it may indicate compromised kidneys or other organs which may require medical attention.

Will PerformElite make me a better lover?


What makes PerformElite unique? Why should I use it?

You should use PerformElite if you’re looking for an edge over your competition or, of course, if you’re seeking elite performance. Pre-exercise nutrition is often ignored aside from carb-loading, and the few supplements currently available are simply under-dosed and ineffective. PerformElite fulfills this currently unaddressed need with a doctor-formulated and scientifically-validated profile of appropriately-dosed ingredients. We know it works, and once you try it, you’ll know it too.

Is PerformElite vegan-friendly?

Yes. We confirmed with our ingredient suppliers that all of the ingredients are NOT sourced from animals.

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