Why are ElectroElite Electrolyte Tabs Unique?

ElectroElite is unique in several ways. It’s the first electrolyte supplement to include sodium from Himalayan Pink Salt, which also contains small amounts of many other minerals, such as zinc and selenium. ElectroElite is also unique because it’s the first electrolyte supplement to contain the mineral, Iron. Iron is an essential mineral needed for oxygen transport, and when body iron status is low, endurance performance suffers. Including iron in your electrolyte supplement is an easy and logical way to ensure your iron status supports your endurance performance.

What is the Best Way to Take ElectroElite?

The best way to use ElectroElite is to first determine your sweat rate and sodium loss rate. As an estimate of your individual needs, one serving of ElectroElite is sufficient to replace the sodium lost in sweat for an average athlete. However, many individual variations exist and the environment can augment these factors as well, so you may need to adjust accordingly.

Can I Use ElectroElite as My Only Race Fuel?

You can use ElectroElite as your only source of sodium and other electrolytes. However, ElectroElite contains no calories, so it is not suitable for replacing carbohydrates needed to fuel exercise. If you are a salty sweater, ElectroElite has been designed to pair seamlessly with SustainElite, the best sports drink for endurance athletes.

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