What is the best way to take RecoverElite?

Generally speaking, women should take 1 serving and men should take 1.5 servings of RecoverElite for optimized recovery. RecoverElite is formulated so that one serving meets the needs of a 50 kg athlete, as well-trained women are about 50 kg, and trained men are about 75 kg. However, your specific needs may not fit these parameters, so if you want to be specific in your dosing, take 1 serving per 50 kg of body weight. An exception to that rule is if you’re a man over 20% body fat or a woman over 30% body fat, in which case the 1 – 1.5 serving(s) rule still applies.
If you are competing or training multiple times in the same day, you may want to use 1 – 1.5 serving(s) immediately and every 1 – 4 hours thereafter between bouts of exercise. While we still recommend RecoverElite immediately post-exercise due to its rapid digestion, meals could easily serve you just as well in the 1 – 4 hour intervals between bouts of exercise.

What makes RecoverElite the best? Why should I use it?

You should use RecoverElite any time you are going to use the same muscle groups on back-to-back days or sessions. Most recovery products are underdosed, but RecoverElite is not. While some companies only consider their bottom line and worry whether or not athletes will purchase their products, we know that athletes want what’s best, so we put you first! That’s why we have clearly laid out dosing protocols and an optimal 4:1 ratio of an ideal blend of carbohydrates and easily digested whey protein hydrolysate with additional leucine to maximally stimulate recovery processes. What you never hear about protein hydrolysates are that they’re almost all 95 – 97% NOT hydrolyzed. Only up to ~33% degree of hydrolysis exists, and we use a protein that is standardized to be 23 – 29% hydrolyzed! In addition to the basics, we’ve also included 3 other key supplements to enhance absorption, metabolism, and insulin sensitivity, and quite simply, this is something no other product offers.

What is the significance of a 4:1 ratio?

The 4:1 ratio comes from what has been determined to be the optimal amounts of carbohydrate and protein for glycogen resynthesis and muscle damage repair. In isolation, carbohydrates are most effective for glycogen resynthesis at 1.0 – 1.2 grams per kilogram body weight, and protein is most effective for increasing rates of muscle protein synthesis at 0.25 – 0.30 grams per kilogram body weight. This happens to work out perfectly to a 4:1 ratio. Carbohydrates and proteins consumed in combination post-exercise also enhance each other’s efficacy, a synergistic effect.

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